Bullets of a Revolver

Bullets of a Revolver

Wild West Fighter!


  • Great graphics and soundtrack
  • Mini-games break up story well
  • Two player mode


  • Fighting is simplistic


Bullets of a Revolver is a little freeware Wild West beat 'em up. It tells the story of two bandits on their journey to discover a secret cave filled with gold.

The journey is told through a series of encounters with people and occasionally animals who want to stop Raymond and Marguerite. These are played out like a traditional beat 'em up. The controls are really simple, with direction keys and three attack buttons, and it plays at a fast pace.

Occasionally there are mini-games instead of battles, that see you do things like chasing a train or even dancing! As well as the story mode, there's an arcade mode, where you can fight as any of the characters in the story. There's also a two player versus mode, which puts two people at the keyboard. The default controls are well laid out, but are fully configurable.

The cute graphics and excellent sound make Bullets of a Revolver an enjoyable little experience, although the gameplay is not particularly subtle. It's definitely worth playing, and is a nice way to spend a few minutes here and there.

Bullets of a Revolver is a fun and simple beat 'em up with a Wild West theme that makes it quite unusual.

Bullets of a Revolver


Bullets of a Revolver

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